Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Buildin' Bloggin' Part II: Cork Buildings and SMoGs

Hey All!

I finally got around to finishing up a bit of Stalingrad terrain to fight over - and this time it didn't end up in the garbage! I found a few pics on the net of terrain made from 1 x 1 foot cork tiles.  Looked great and seemed simple...a trip to the Dollar store secured 2 tiles for 2 bucks and a 2 days later, I had 3 buildings! They are light-weight and durable and can be built as large or small as you like.
Cutting with a drywall knife was easy and gluing with PVA produces a strong bond. I used pins to hold in place until dry. But the best thing about the cork (over anything else I have tried) is the beautiful crumbled concrete look that is produced by simply breaking off chunks! Also, bullet holes are a snap - just dig into the wall with the tip of a pin and pop out!
I added some cardboard trim from cereal boxes, some hand-painted slogans and a few propaganda posters to flesh these out. Once complete, I brushed on a coat of thinned PVA to strengthen.
Floors and walls were positioned with miniature placement as a determiner so some simplification was required.  Rubble was a mix of sand, kitty litter. I will probably put these buildings on a removable base so the bottom floor can be used with ease.  Still working on how to add brickwork to future creations...
  Above are my finished SMG squads (SMoGs as my buddy John calls them). I added various scratch-built items and rubble to give them a Stalingrad-era look.



  1. Do you have any WIP pics of these cork buildings? Would love to get a little more insight into their construction. the finished product looks amazing.

    1. I am planning on my first real building from Stalingrad 'the kindergarden' and will do a step by step soon!


  2. The buildings and infantry look great. I may have to try to make some cork buildings myself.

  3. troy,excellent work as always, love the detail.

  4. Bootiful work! Yes please to the step-by-step...

  5. Sorry if this is a double post. I think the internet ate my original. Anyway, your bases are great. I have been struggling with getting a good look to urban bases, especially coloring. If time and interest permit, could you share your technique? Thanks, Troy!