Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My First Camo 15.

Hey All!

 I may detail the crewman a bit more but I pretty much have completed the Panzer IVf2. I added some scratchbuilt epoxy sandbags and rolls, a pail, a tow cable, helmets, and a few gas cans.
I painted the vehicle up as a DAK vehicle re-routed to the Ost front. It sports a quick overspray of Panzer Grey. As far as I can tell this is plausible and I think that it looks similar to the color plate I posted a few entries back...although a bit cleaner!
I know , I know, the balkenkreuz and the tow cable are reversed in the rear! I dunno what I was thinking but actually realized it only after posting the pics!
 I used a dark brown wash and highlighted the edges with a lightened base color to show where the camo had worn off. Also, I painted in a few small details like roof and hinge screws and weld seams on the turret.
The mini is a typical early Battlefront product and suffers from poor detail on the wheel boggies, wrong or missing tools, and a terrible cupola (pretty much had to carve from scratch). I realize that BF is not in the business of making scale models so this does fit the bill for wargaming nicely.

Actual color plate below...



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