Wednesday, July 6, 2016

StuGs and Vallejo Model Air Part II

Hey All!

Wow, Its been a full year since I first started the Battlefront plastic StuGs. Here: Splendid StuGs! As I am again on vay-cay, I have time to paint them as my honey-do is pretty much kaput. They were first primered with Black Krylon Dual Superbond. This is my go-to primer for everything. Note the Getto spray booth...

The next step was a base coat of Dunkel Gelb. For this project, I have decided to try out the Vallejo Model Air line. I loaded up my Iwata HP-C Plus (love this airbrush!) with Vallejo 71.025 Dark Yellow and sprayed at 20 psi. I tried both neat (undiluted) and a (recommended) 1 Vallejo Airbrush thinner to 3 drops Model Air. I prefered the neat method as there is far better coverage and the paint seems to be fairly thinned already. There were no clogging issues what so ever but dry time is a little slow compared to airbrushing Tamiya acrylics with isopropyl. For health reasons and ease of clean up, I don't mind the wait time.

 I began camo on a late '43 model with the Topfblende' mantlet. I chose a mix of VMA Sand Brown 71.034 and VMA Cam. Pale Brown 50/50.
 I painted on the tactical symbol for StuG freehand...
 ...and painted up the various tools and storage. I also filled in the hinges on the front hull hatches to look more realistic. They are modeled with a huge gap which is out of scale.

Stay tuned...



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