Tuesday, December 29, 2015

And So it Begins...

Hey All!
The best to you and yours this season. As you may have noticed, its been a bit slow this year on the Corner. This is mostly due to some health issues at home but I am happy to say, things are looking positive! One thing that this experience has brought about is a focus on what it important in life and for me, that is miniatures!

I have begun to assemble some Soviet forces for a scenario I will be putting on in Vancouver in April. I am looking at East Front '41 Smolensk so I envision Panzer II/IIIs and BT/T-26s .  After opening up a boxed set of Battlefronts BT-5s, I noticed that there were no gun barrels for any of the tanks...well that won't do...I sick-ed the Customer Service department at Battlefront on it but I am still waiting...So instead I finished up a platoon of T-26S that have been hiding out on a corner of my desk since this post in 2011. T-26 
A Lot has changed since then as far as my painting style - I think the new method is less busy and more pleasing to the eye.  I spent a fair bit of time cleaning up the resin and tracks and re-made some of the rivet detail.  Also I added some scratchbuilt shovels, tarps and such.  Color is a little different but still acceptable.
I also have begun to put together some fleeing tank crew markers. The left figure is converted from a German crewman with a head swap and costume change. I used Vallejo Plastic putty and epoxy along with the trusty x-acto to effect the change.
Gun barrels were scratchbuilt as well. Made of brass, they should stand up to the rigors of gaming...




  1. What blue have you used for the overalls?

  2. Hope 16 finds you well and treats you better than 15. I myself found that I didn't have time for hobby with work and family related issues and I'm determined to take a little bit of time regularly for myself just to reset. When you find yourself sitting at the hobby table once every one, two or three weeks it can be more frustrating than rehabilitating.

  3. Nice work,like your attention to detail.