Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Canadians - Eh?

Hey All!

Felt a bit of patriotism on Canada Day so decided to do a test run of some Canadian Troopers (and take a break from Germans and Russians!)  I wanted to solidify color choices so mostly worked on one figure.  I bought the BBX11 British Rifle Company a few years back with the plan that at some point I would do up a D-Day Canadian force fighting in Normandy.

The sculps are a bit blocky typical of BF style and are pretty good overall with the only major bitch (am I ever happy?) is the Mk.III ‘turtle’ helmet modelled. On many of the figures, it is more flat on the sides than it should be. I played around a bit with one figure, scraping off the netting and adding one made of nylon stocking (stole from the wife - not mine...really!) 

All my color choices for these figures will be updated in the "Recommended Colors" link on the left side of the blog.

I plan on painting them up to represent the 3rd Canadian Division, specifically the Royal Winnipeg Rifles of the 7th Infantry Brigade. The divisional patch is a blue/grey square with the Regimental patch above it. in a black arc with white lettering.

The advancing bren gunner pose (center minis - below) is  a bit dwarfish. I removed the legs on a couple otherwise great looking minis and added some bulk with epoxy. I then attached some longer legs from two spare riflemen. The different legs and a new head make it difficult realize that theses are the same mini. You can really make your figures unique with simple conversions.
These sculpts are unique in that they are the only ones modelled with the bi-pod folded back - not forward - which BF chooses to do with most of the Brens to strengthen the barrel (see figure below-left). 

Personally I wish BF would model the Bren bi-pod back as this is the most common method seen in pictorial evidence. Ill be careful with the barrel ok? 

As well, I added a new head sculpt and a carrying handle on one figure that is missing on all of the Brens. 

Stay tuned...




  1. Nice work. You've got far more patience that I if you plan on having all your boys painted to this fine standard. :)

  2. Just finished a platoon of the same figs: I concur on your comments. Excellent painting on these, as always!


  3. Great work as always Troy... I am always left speechless you manage to get such tiny detail (like eyes) on such small figures... it takes me all my time to get them right on 28mm figs never mind 15's...

  4. Very nice, some great details!

  5. Excellent work Troy
    your attention to detail is amazing as I can see with the emblems on the uniforms
    keen to seen the rest of them painted
    thanks John

  6. Troy,

    what colors did you use to paint your Canadian troops. I have read the Canadians uniform color was unique to the Canadian Army. Great work on painting the figuree

  7. Gary; I have a link on the top right of the main page of this blog that has all my color choices