Tuesday, February 26, 2013

BF Customer Service and Salue 2013

Hey All!

Monday mail brought me a package from Battlefront Customer service the other day and I just had to let you know about it. It consisted of a muffler part that was missing from a Char B tank blister I purchased in April of 2012. I recently re-sent the email to Customer service reminding them of the missing part.

Now, although it had been 10 months since I originally sent in the complaint, I was happy that they finally sent me the part, abet late. The real reason for this post though, is the inclusion of a wrinkle-smoother.

Battlefront included, at no cost to me, the new GE897 Warriors of Market Garden blister in the package. I must say I was surprised by this and feel that this needs to be recognized. Thank-you Battlefront for making it right!

Strangest thing was I had listed the blister for my next order...

I currently am busy getting together the minis/terrain for Salute 2013 in Vancouver this April. I will be hosting a Saturday 0900k timeslot game but may also do a Sunday one as well.

The scenario will be the Eastern Front, August 1942 Spartakovka, North of Stalingrad. The depleted 16th Panzer Division which is low on supply, attacks the fresh but inexperienced 124th Rifle Brigade.

I hope to see you there!


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