Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hey All!

Not too much painted with family and visiting but I did get the KV finished. Resisted mudding up the chassis. Hmmm, just noticed that there is a red spot on all the pictures...left over Santa lint maybe? 

I did get a cool package in the mail - a German WWII Quist 62 M35 helmet in excellent shape. Its an original WWII era without a liner and chinstrap but I have ordered a replacement one from Europe. I had it sandblasted to bare metal and then primered it with red oxide. It had been used post war by the Czech civil defence force, painted gloss black and had a post war liner/chin strap. Mixed up an oil-based 'slate grey' color (green, black and white in a 1-3-1 ratio) and sprayed it 2 coats. I may add a touch of yellow and a shot more of black but its tough to find a flat yellow in oil.  

Happy New Year!


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