Friday, July 28, 2017

Battlefronts T34/85.

Hey All.

Moved the T34/85 that I have been working on to its own post as its getting pic heavy.

Put together an early version of the T-34/85 obr. 44. 
Battlefronts T-34/76 - 85 plastic combo kit is a great spot to start. Their turret represents an obr 43 or early obr 44. These things are not an exact science! The rounded lifting hooks and lower gunner periscope as well as the gun mantlet peg this as a obr 44. 
The major change I made was to the texture of the turret, MG mantlet, drivers periscope covers and fenders. Have a look online and you will see the casting was really rough!
I remove the molded on grab irons and lifting hooks and light and replaced them. Many small details added; bullet splash guards, toolbox lid, spare fuel tank handles, panels and weld lines, track adjusting bolts, drivers hatch details...
...rear oil pipes, and engine access hinges. 
...finally, rebuilt the MG for durability.
 Painted up...still need to dirty up the tracks a bit more.
 Hauptmann photo-bomb...
 Will add-in some decal later...
Bedrolls/tarps made from Femo. 
All dust,rust with washed out Vallejo - who needs pigments?!

 Darkened 70894 Russian Green and VPA 302 Dark Rust filters added.  Hand-painted number.
 Rusted and chipped.

  Didn't want to over-do the mud/dust as it overpowers earlier work.
As they say, calling this one done...




Chevalier de la Terre said...

Fantastic, as usual!


Phil Curran said...


Anonymous said...

Stunnig work! Im always impressed by the amount small details you add.
Which brings me to my question:
How did you achieve the nice rough cast look on the turret?
What I can see, is that you used plastic glue. But if I put mine on the plastic it only disolves it and the dries to a smooth suface. Did you use a tool or something to add the indentions?


Moiterei_1984 said...

Most impressive!

Anonymous said...

First: I love your amazing work with these small modells! Such an impressive work!

But can you answer a question:
what material do you use for all of these details like the handbars, the MG or Cannon barrels and all of the other things you pimp your modells?!
Would be nice if you can give some advices :-)

Greetings from Germany,


Rupert Lane said...

Simply awesome.

Troy Ritter said...

Thanks, I use 26 gauge florist wire - comes pre-primed!