Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pokey Progress

Hey All!

Where the heck did October go?!? Wasn't it just summer? Man, time is flying by! Managed to put in a bit of time on the workbench and finished up the leIG 7.5cm.
This is the second time I completed this miniature (see previous blog entry regarding flatcoating here: Blew It). I added a few scratchbuilt items - wicker ammo cases and 7.5cm rounds. They are a bit on the large side though I was trying to size match the ones carried by the crew.
Helmet decals hand-painted. I tried to go with a similar base style to my other German squads (with a Russian steppe 42-era basing)  but the decals would allow for earlier use in France.
All colors as per the 'Recommended Colors' blog post on the right. Changed the painting style on the gasmask can to a highlight of Tamiya aluminum. Could go a bit flatter by adding a bit of grey but looks miles better than silver (which is out of scale for 15mm). If you look at pictures of German troops, the can highlights look almost white.
Base weeds are Silflor drybrushed a light straw color. Dirt is a mix of grout, sand and PVA glue. A few small stones from the driveway finish off the terra-firma.

Also finishing up some more figures for my Pionere squads. Converted a AT gun figure to a running LMG figure by removing the Panzerbuche and rifleman pouches (why would he have these?) and adding a MG34, bipod,  and a camo helmet cover.

Grenade and ammo cans added. Should have a few more of these done in a couple painting sessions.




Braxen said...

One of your best pieces, in my opinion. The rest of your work is very good too, but it looks not only good but beautifully controled as well as in "mastered".

Like it

Cameron said...

Great work. Those wicker baskets are awesome. I love the helmet decals. Very crisp. I like the higher highlights you have done on the field grey on these models. The contrast is very nice.

Steven said...

Beautiful work on these figures! Very inspiring.

Chevalier de la Terre said...

Fantastic! The ATR gunner to MG gunner conversion is also excellent.


Rupert Lane said...

Beautiful...inspiring...enviable. Superb detail, really tells a story