Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Building Based.

Hey All!

Finished the first piece of modular terrain for my Ost front boards last night; its a Russian farmhouse and garden.

The piece is based on a 6" x 8" 4mm hardboard covered with tile grout/pva for soil and various flocking materials for vegetation. I used a chunk of indoor/outdoor carpet for the base of the garden and cut-up bamboo skewers for the fence pieces (still have to wash and drybrush). The bamboo is surprisingly strong even when split. The building is made from cut-up coffee stir sticks and is based on pictures of Russian WWII-era farmhouses (although a thatch roof would be more correct).

I spaced the terrain features to allow a medium base to fit on any side of the building to ease miniature placement. A simple idea could be to allow any miniature placed on the terrain base to benefit from that terrain type thus no need to balance the minis on top.

I will be working on some roads and other buildings next.


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